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Customers Reviews

I developed a very unusual metal allergy on only certain parts of my body. It was extremely difficult as I couldn't wear any jewellery. Out of the several people that I consulted, Dr. Shivani was the only one who helped me with the correct diagnosis and treatment. Also I have experienced a lot of positive skin changes with her prescribed medication. Wishing Dr. Shivani all the very best for her new venture.
Mrs.Pallavi Pashine
I had few bumps with pigmentation over my face which Dr. Shivani diagnosed as a case of adult acne. She further changed my whole skin care regimen which I religiously followed. Now my skin is much clearer, and I am pretty happy with the treatment I received. Dr. Shivani is quite communicative and friendly. Wishing her all the best.
Mrs. Snehal Pansare
I had hair loss for a few years and consulted Dr. Shivani for the same. Dr. Shivani diagnosed it as a case of androgenetic alopecia and put me on a strict anti-hair loss treatment. Now I have got my hair and I am back to looking the way I was before. Extremely satisfied with her treatment and wish her best always.
Dr. Venkatesh Jaiswal
It was my brother’s wedding and since Dr. Shivani is my close friend and go-to skin doctor, I made my brother consult her. He had overall pigmentation issues and needed skin rejuvenation too. Dr. Shivani promptly put him on skin treatment and advised chemical peel and pigment laser sessions.
Mrs. Sonam Gutte
Owner & Head Pinaki Entertainments
I had known Dr. Shivani since quite long. Since few years had an issue of hair fall for which I consulted her, I wanted to go for hair transplant since I was not aware of other treatment option. Dr. Shivani asked me to wait and try non surgical treatments before it, which I agreed to. In few months itself I had proper hair growth and soon I will be starting with PRP sessions at her clinic. Trust Dr. Shivani completetly for my hair.
Mr. Vikas Mandhana,
Entrepreneur & Buisnessman
I had few wrinkles and dullness over face in my twenties itself. My friend referred me to Dr.Shivani but I was hesitant to approach her since rarely men consult a doctor for their aging issues. But Dr.Shivani was very positive in her attitude and assured me that many men suffer from it and take treatment for the same. Really trust her, she is a genuine dermatologist.
Mr. Rahul Sahare
I am on treatment under Dr. Shivani since this april for acne, uneven skin tone and lax facial skin. In under three months my skin has transformed with even and clear tone. As I am soon going to be a bride this year, Dr.Shivani advised me to start bridal care now saying the sooner the better. I have started with regular hydrafacial, peeling and skin rejuvenation laser sessions. Dr Shivani has been a blessing to me.
Mrs. Afreen Quazi
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